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Dream Eaters • 2017 rpg

Richard Jansen-Parkes • www.Winghornpress.com

The Dreamers are caught in web of a Dream-Eater, and the only way out is to defeat the monster in the dreamscape.
One player is the Eater. The others are Dreamers.
The Dreamers establish the dreamscape and describe their actions. These are their dreams, after all.
Dreamers can manipulate the dream world. They may suddenly fly or whip up a tornado. The only limit is that they must follow dream logic and ‘feel’ right.
Each time they do so the Eater gains one Subversion Point (SP). The Eater may spend these as such:
3SP – Subvert: When a Dreamer manipulates the dream world the Eater may modify it in any way want. For example, if a Dreamer wants to turn a cloud into a marshmallow their teeth may fall out when they bite it.
6SP – Manipulate: The Eater manipulates the world in the same fashion as a Dreamer.
12SP – Reality Break: The Eater manipulates the world with no need to follow dream logic.
The Dreamers aim is to find the Eater and defeat it without being subverted.
The Eater tracks all the SP spent. If this totals more than 80 the Dreamers are defeated.

Author Comments

I’ve always been interested by how to give players the ability to do anything they want without completely removing the ‘game’ aspect of an RPG.

This is my attempt!

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