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A last drink • 2017 rpg

Chris Kinniburgh • http://www.twitter.com/cjkinni

Sit down across from your friend with a few mutually appreciated beverages between you.  You each have a pint glass and a shot glass.

Greet your friend and explain why it's been too long since you last spoke. As you reminisce about your last encounter, pour the liquid into your old confidant's pint glass.  Both pint glasses filled, come to understand why it's been so long since you last spoke, then nod.  When you've come to an understanding, remove all but one bottle from the table.

You must speak before each sip.  Tell your partner a story of their life.  Clarify a story you've been told about your own.  Grieve for a  lost accomplice.  Imagine where you thought you'd be.

When your partner's drink is drunk, pour them a final shot.

You don't need to tell one another that your chat together might be your last.  You both know.  That shot will be your final drink together.

You may not speak after your pint glass is empty, except to ask your partner to pour you another round.

If you are asked to pour another round, refuse.

When you wish to end the night, nod.  

When you are both ready, hug.

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