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The Circle • 2017 rpg

Christopher Stone-Bush •

You are a teenaged witch. Give your witch:
a name
a three-word archetype
a preferred sphere of magic

Introduce your witches. You all:
live near each other
are close in age
attend the same high school
You are a Circle; more powerful together than alone. Split the Circle: half Dawn, half Dusk. Sit on opposing sides of the space; you are united in aims, divided in methods.

As a Circle decide:
what big magic you are planning
what preparations you must complete
what complications are in your way

Remove the Jokers from a deck of cards. Shuffle it. Put it in the center of the space. Taking informal turns, narrate what your witch think, feels, and does.

When you narrate something with an uncertain outcome or that uses magic, pick an opposing player and draw three cards. If it reinforces your archetype, draw an extra card. If it involves magic within your preferred sphere, draw an extra card. Choose and reveal three cards:
three black: you narrate the outcome
two black: you narrate the outcome; they narrate a complication
two red: they narrate the outcome; you narrate an advantage
three red: they narrate the outcome
Shuffle after each draw.

Author Comments

The game is heavily inspired by “The Secret Circle” book series written by L.J. Smith.

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