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Final Enemy/A Poetry of Revenge/Samurai Haiku • 2017 rpg

Chris O'Neill • @allhailkingtorg

None have ever seen the face behind the mask of the Demon Shogun, the mysterious noble who destroyed your lives.

A rebel cabal gathers at the Shogun’s Fortress to find justice. Each conspirator formally introduces themselves. 

In turn, describe how The Demon Mask wronged you, and why you have failed at getting revenge. Your tale should highlight your amazing abilities, while showing the incredible powers and supernatural strengths of your nemesis.

While each speaks, the others compose a Haiku about the tragic tale. Fold the completed poem and silently place it in front of the speaker. Once all have their poetry of revenge, you begin to discuss strategy. How can we defeat the Immortal Demon?

One will stand, laugh heartily, and don the horrific mask - revealing themselves as The Enemy.

The Shogun unfolds and reads a Haiku aloud, solemnly.  Then, using the Haiku as their inspiration, The Demon narrates their attack against the rebel who wrote it.  That Hero responds in kind, reading a random poem to inspire their narration of their own death.

Repeat this ritual until only one remains, the Hero destined to slay the Demon. 
Read all your poems then narrate your legendary victory.

Author Comments

Thank you for reading - I hope you get a chance to play this. If so, please hit me up at @allhailkingtorg with your thoughts.

I have always wanted to do something using the Haiku as inspiration - and this seemed like the perfect chance.

Props to the master Robin Laws’ GAEAN REACH RPG for Quandros Vorn.

Special thanks to Heather Wilson for listening to like 800 versions of a Samurai Haiku game (and just as many potential names for this game) over the years.

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