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Moving On • 2017 rpg

Tara Newman • www.twitter.com/taranewman

Each PC is a Ghost whose job is to complete their unfinished business and move on. Death (the GM) can only take one of you, so you must advance your goals, while trying to sabotage the others. 

Step One: Pick Your Unfinished Business
1. Comfort a Loved One
2. Revenge of Your Murder
3. Secret that Must Be Told

Step Two: Create World and Objectives
Collaboratively work with Death to create what goals will enable each PC to move on. As you create these goals, build out the world and backstory all of you unhappy haunts will inhabit. 

Step Three: Ghost Moves
As Ghosts, you can only impact the world in three ways: 
- Move small objects 
- Whisper into the wind
- Appear in a reflective surface(s)

Use these moves to either complete your unfinished business or to sabotage your fellow ghosts. 

Step Four: There Can Only Be One
Once a Ghost completes their Goal, the game ends, the cunning Ghost has Moved On.  

Author Comments

Inspired by Monster Hearts and how I have NEVER seen anyone play the Ghost. I wanted to take a crack at what an all ghost game might look like.

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