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Weapons of Legend • 2017 rpg

Brian Brus • www.journalrecord.com

The greatest warriors make the most of what they have at hand. This game proves that.

Each player secretly writes on a slip of paper an object, concept, phrase or person, and again on a second paper.

Players pass one paper to the person on the left and the other slip to the right.

After receiving their new gear, players then add one more detail, identifying each as an implement of battle with descriptive, proper names (such as Hamster of Doom or Brian’s Sarcastic Mother).

On the first pass around the table, players take turns describing one of their two pieces of gear in grandiose terms, emphasizing origin and purpose. By popular vote, the best is chosen for combat. Ties are resolved randomly.

That person needs an opponent, so the step is repeated, focusing on the second implements held by remaining players.

After combatants are confirmed, the battle begins! Either player may launch an assault, showing how the gear is used tactically to defeat the opponent. Responses, evasions and counter-attacks follow until a predetermined deadline (five minutes at most). 

All players vote to determine the champion. In case of a tie, both combatants lose.

Repeat unto glory.

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