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Repair Bots! • 2017 rpg

Stephen Morrison •

Welcome to Frontier Station on the edge of known space. Your programming has been downloaded into a repair bot chassis. Take a moment to settle in while your orientation commences.

Frontier Station is home to thousands who all depend on you. As repair bots, you will be directed to the malfunctions, damages, and dangers that frequently occur aboard this station.

When you encounter a situation, activate your repair module (roll a d6) and attempt to remedy the problem (4+ is a success). Be careful, failure can introduce errors into your programming (take 1 degradation per failure). Too many errors and your repair module will downgrade (3 degradation reduces the die size, d4 downgraded equals destruction).

Successful repair bots learn (take 1 adaptation per success) and improve their systems (adaptation points equal to half the next die tier upgrades the current die, i.e. 4 for d8, to a max of d12). With each successful upgrade, all errors are purged from your programming.

The Station Controller (GM) will direct you to damaged areas, dangerous outbreaks, alien encounters, and any other problems that may arise on Frontier Station. 

Orientation complete. Please proceed to section 27 where the reactor coolant is leaking again.

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