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The Four Gates: A Mindful RPG • 2017 rpg

Christopher Reed •

In The Four Gates: A Mindful RPG, social and physical conflicts are resolved through the guidance of The Four Gates, an ancient method of mindful action.  It can be played in any setting with any type of character.  The four gates words and actions may pass through are:

Are they true?
Are they necessary?
Are they helpful?
Are they kind?

For each question that is answered "yes," one six-sided die (d6) is added to a dice pool.  

The maximum dice pool is 4d6.  The dice are added together and compared to the target number of 8.  If the roll is greater than 8, the player's action resolves the conflict (the argument has ended, the physical fight has finished, etc.). If the roll is 8 or less, the action does not resolve the conflict and the situation continues. 

For each question to be answered "yes," the player must declare the action or words and present evidence explaining why they pass through that particular gate.  Either the GameMaster or another player may determine that the evidence presented is insufficient and deny use of that gate; unanimous table consensus is required, and table discussion is encouraged to ensure character actions are mindful.

Author Comments

None! This competition is a great challenge.

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