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The Rapid and the Raging • 2017 rpg

Ed Turner • EddlyT.com

	3-6 players. Two index cards each.
	On one card write a city and its Problem. Something entrenched, like “Corrupt cops.”
	On the other card, write a character, their vehicle, and Problem. Something simple, like “Out of coffee.” 
	Characters start in First Gear.

On your turn: 
	Move your character to another player’s city. 
	Explain how you’ll solve a problem (yours or the city’s) the only way you know: with illegal street racing.  
		-The city’s player narrates the course and obstacles (using Problems as a guide). 
		-You narrate your driver. Other drivers in the city can race too, to aid you.
		-Narrate sick driving stunts appropriate to the gear you’re in: 
			--First: world-class. Navigate effortlessly; ramp off anything.
			--Second: effectively supernatural. Drive across water, up walls.
			--Third: physics-defying. Outrace bullets, plow through trains, fly. 
			--Fourth: magical. Become wind, control storms, drive through time.
			--Fifth: transcendental. Embody pure Driving.

		-When you’re ready to win the race, shift into the next higher gear and narrate your victory and its aftermath:
			--Gears 2-4: Solve the Problem, replacing it with a worse one. 
			--Fifth: Solve your Problem and the city’s outright.

Take turns in any order. 

Solve every problem. 

Celebrate your victories together.

Author Comments

Obviously this takes a little bit of inspiration from the Fast and the Furious series of films. It is also a thinly-veiled hack of Metrofinál Transantiago.

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