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Space Cowboys • 2017 rpg

Vergilivs • no link

You and your crew are bounty hunters registered within the BlackJack Network.

People in the solar system call you Aces or Cowboys.

As an Ace, choose a SUIT of actions in which you have a MASTERY.

Spade: infiltrators, snipers, hackers.
Clubs: gunslingers, athletes, martial-artists.
Hearts: con-artists, charmers, negotiators.

Rich clients and corporations, the Diamonds, place bounties on the BlackJack Network.

You and your crew get the job done.

When you attempt an action, the crew determines its SUIT:

Spade: intelligence, keeping your cool, ...
Club: physical prowess, fighting, ...
Heart: social smart, seduction, ...

Draw a card from a 52-deck, if the card is:

a face or an ace, you get 1 HIT
the same SUIT as the action, you get 1 HIT
the same SUIT as your MASTERY, you get 1 MASTERY TOKEN
a Diamond, you get 1 GEAR TOKEN

You can spend:
1 GEAR TOKEN to get 1 HIT
1 MASTERY TOKEN to get 1 HIT, if the action is the same SUIT as your MASTERY

0-1 Hit : Complication
2 Hits : Success at a cost
3 Hits : Success without a cost
4 Hits : Success with an added benefit

You start a bounty with 2 TOKENS of each, good luck cowboy!

Author Comments

I’ve been thinking about making a Cowboy-Bebop inspired one-page RPG, this is a good opportunity to try and make a 200 words version. Enjoy!

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