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Familiars RPG • 2017 rpg

Dominik Marchand • no link

You are familiars serving a cabal of witches. You live in the same tower of sorcery. Your goal is to brew a potion during your mistresses’ absence and hopefully impress them. Failure is not an option; they might do something worse than turn you into animals now…
First, roll a die and check the table below to determine the special power you’ve been bestowed. Roll again for your flaw.
One player – the main character (MC) for the scene – rolls for an Ingredient required for the brew and a Location inside the tower. Cross them both off. The player to the right describes complications that arise from the MC’s power, flaw, or both. The remaining players detail the scene and support the MC in getting the Ingredient.
Once the scene is resolved, the player to the right becomes the MC and rolls for another Ingredient and Location. Repeat until all Ingredients are crossed off. Finally, decide together on the result of your experiment.

d6	Power	        Flaw		Ingredient: 	Location
1	Telekinesis	Gluttony	        …Old		Greenhouse
2	Charm		Cowardice	…Wicked	Morgue
3	Pyromancy	Clumsiness	…Strong		Laboratory
4	Necromancy	Snoopiness	…Alive		Library
5	Invisibility	Selfishness	…Red		Kitchen
6	Teleportation	Recklessness…Weird		Cellar

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