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G.L.U.R.P.S. • 2017 rpg

Saul Alexander • no link

Name thyself. Choose a main deal (pirate, wizard, spy, whatever). Google image search for a look.

Choose two things you're especially good at and write them on your sheet (be specific: two words for each, not just one!). They can be related to your deal or not. Choose one thing you're bad at. 

When you face an obstacle, roll dice or flip coins. Evens or heads are successes. Roll just one for a straightforward task (like stabbing a guy). Two or three for a more complex or difficult one (like disarming a bomb). 

For each thing you're good at that applies to the situation, reroll a failure. You can choose to reroll another if it falls inside your main deal. For a thing you're bad at, reroll a success. 

If you rolled neither all successes nor all failures, you got mixed results. For each success, narrate something that went right. For each failure, something that didn't. Failures lead to pain and new complications.

If you get three successes straight up doing something you weren't (yet) good at: now you are! Add it to your sheet and keep on truckin’. 

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