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The Bengleflaarg • 2017 rpg

Benjamin Bahr • no link

You are the feared Bengleflaarg: ruthless ethereal alien mind parasites. Your kind has taken over whole empires, and bent the will of entire civilisations. 

The next task: take over Earth!

Your scouting party was ready to deploy, prepared to take over the minds of the world top nation leaders, paving the way for the invasion. Unfortunately, something went wrong during remote mind transfer, and your party is transferred into a middle-class suburban family, somewhere far away from the capital.

You are superior intellects, but stuck in the wrong bodies! Everyone has one superior mental ability (choose one: read minds, implant emotions, remote control toddlers, …), but also one inferior physical condition (assign one at random: reduced vision, inferior strength, weak bladder, ...). Also, when you touch somebody else the moment you die, you get transferred into them (keep the mental ability, but assign a new inferior physical condition at random).

You have no ship, no weapons, and the lawn hasn’t been mowed in ages. If High Command finds out you’ve screwed up, you’re up for erasure. So you better get on with that world domination – even if all you’ve got is a dinner invitation from the neighbours.

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