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I Feel Fine • 2017 rpg

Caitlynn Belle •

The world ends in one hour, and nobody knows. Not even you. Instead, you, like many others, are posting selfies of your day to social media. You will continue to do this up until the final moment. Until it’s too late.

Play begins as soon as you finish reading this. Do something interesting today and take selfies and photos of the process, sharing those on social media as you take them. Use it to tell a story about yourself and who you are: maybe one of your hobbies, your friends, a tour of your apartment, etc. Document as much of your final day as you like, primarily through pictures, and show us a journey of everything you feel makes you special. 

Play ends in the middle of an activity, never after, but it can be in the middle of an activity you choose, Take your final selfie: that moment you realize everything will be gone in a second and this is the end. Do you see it coming? Is it terrifying? Do you panic? Or is it quick and sudden?

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