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Quarantine • 2017 rpg

Sławomir Wójcik •

Two players, d8.

You are siblings trapped in a quarantine zone, just like everyone else in town. The military stopped bringing food ages ago. You tried rationing but there is none left. 
You have Things: mouldy potatoes, expired spam, dog treats, shoes, houseplants, your dog, cellar rats, and each other. 
Number of Things you have left is your Stamina. You have a shared pool of 8 Hope. Take turns Scavenging. 

Discuss options together. Try Scavenging or eat a Thing, then describe tonight's meal. 

To Scavenge, roll d8 against Stamina. If you rolled-under describe an act of violence you witnessed that was worse than anything you ever saw. Return empty-handed and lose 1 Hope. Otherwise roll again. You return with food, but if you rolled-over describe an inhumane act you committed to get it that was worse than anything you ever did and lose 1 Hope. Share your story later or don't. 

On the third day, the military leaves. On the sixth, your neighbour's house is raided. On the ninth you see people eating bodies. On the twelfth chaos reigns.

Starve when there's no meal. Commit suicide when there's no Hope. Survive for two weeks and be rescued.

Author Comments

Trigger warnings: starvation, suicide, cannibalism.

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