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Shonen RPG • 2017 rpg

Anne Aunyme • no link

Character creation:

Spend 12 points among: Might, Agility, Wits, Willpower and Charisma. 4 points maximum per trait.
Take the 13 cards of one color from a deck, sorted from 1 to King.
Write a short backstory.

Overcoming challenges:

When trying something hazardous, roll a D8, and add the corresponding trait. You can invoke some part of your backstory and add 2 more to your roll, but only once per part.
After rolling you can choose to go beyond your limits: discard the first card of your deck and add its value to your roll (+15 for figures). 
If you score high enough it's a success, if not you suffer an injury.
A difficulty of 5 is very easy (riding a saddled horse), 10 is very difficult (riding a horse when tied up). Go beyond for near-to-impossible tasks.

Taking injuries:

Failure and being hit both hurt the same way: you suffer injuries every time you fail a roll. When injured, a character discard the first card of his deck.

When the last card of a deck is discarded, the character leave the game. She can be too much hurt, dead, despaired, angry toward their friends... Her adventure stops here.

Author Comments

More complete rules exist to play a campaign, with character progression and special abilities. As written here it is supposed to be played as a stand-alone short session (like at a convention) of 4 players (so you need only one deck of cards).

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