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And We Are All Together • 2017 rpg

James Wallis •

Stare at the player on your left. Blink slowly. When you open your eyes, your body has been possessed by the mind of the player on your right.

As a group you have one hour to work out what just happened, why it's happened to you, and how to reverse it. If you don't then the effects get weirder. 

Each of you knows one relevant thing. Each of you also has one secret or repressed memory, which you will recall if another player confronts you about it.

Author Comments

And We Are All Together’ is about people we think we know and people we think know us.

It’s a game of emergent mechanics. It deliberately doesn’t tell you how to play it; and the meta-structure it imposes is incredibly loose. Work out a system or a framework, build a narrative or a set of conditions, and decide for yourselves if you’ve succeeded or failed.

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