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Rules lawyers • 2017 rpg

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Rules Lawyers
is a game about making the rules via common law.

Each game begins with this Constitutution:

1.Parliament shall make rules, and the Court will interpret them.
2.The first session shall be one where Parliament convenes to decide on amendments. Every 2 hours in the game session, Parliament shall reconvene to write more amendments.
3.Amendments pass when half or more players vote in favour of it.
4.Parliament is all the players in the game. A GM will be nominated  amongst the players.
5.The GM will run the game and make up the rules of the game until someone registers disagreement with it.
6.Where disagreement is registered the Court shall decide the matter with the rules of the Constitution and previous precedent in mind. The Court is randomly selected from among the players and may not be the player who registered disagreement or the GM. They are the Claimant and Defendant respectively.
7.Where Parliament has not written a rule, the Court may develop a new rule. Parliament reserves the right to change the rules through Amendments.
8.A player may win this game.

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