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Sympathetic • 2017 rpg

Ray Otus • www.jellysaw.com

By Ray Otus

Find, make, or draw a crude doll. Pass it from player to player to show whose turn it is. 

Everyone plays a character who wants vengeance. On their first turn, each player states a fact about the person the doll represents and something that person did to deserve punishment. Make it colorful! It might be something someone has done to the player in real life, but they shouldn't declare that openly. Stay "in character."

After everyone has added at least one detail and crime and YOU feel there is enough to go on with, ON YOUR TURN say instead something horrific you do to the doll. Make it wicked! Then pass the doll to the next player, who will describe what happens to the target in real life. Make it horrible! Afterward the same player says what wicked thing they do to the doll and pass it. 

Once everyone has described a punishment and YOU feel sick or embarrassed, ON YOUR TURN say instead some form of "I'm sorry" and pass the doll. Everyone gets a chance to then say "I'm sorry" or "I'm not!"

Hug it out.

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