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Backpackers • 2017 rpg

Stephen Danic • www.memes.net

    Modern day adventure-travellers meet, share stories, and hookup.

You all come from a different place. (Make a passport.)
You’ve all arrived at the same destination. (Stamp your passport.)
You’ve shared an interesting, new experience. 
    (scuba, surfing, climbing, riding, archaeology, festival, whatever)
Now, you’re at the afterparty...

Together, in conversation, describe your experiences.
    “I loved it when…”
    “That was so funny when…”
    “Did you see the … ?”

Don’t take orderly turns. Instead, jump in anytime and riff. 
    Say “OMG YES! And then...!”.

You’re getting to know each other. Ask questions. Who are they, where do they come from, what’s it like there, how did they afford the trip, how do they feel about important issues, etc?

At any point, you may offer to “hookup” with someone. Invite them to join you on your next trip to (where?).

If they agree, the conversation moves to the next afterparty in the new destination. Stamp your passports. Other players may bring their current characters or create new ones.

Why play Backpackers? 

    It’s fun travelling, meeting new people, sharing experiences, and collecting passport stamps.
    It may be interesting to explore notions of privilege, entitlement, cultural stereotypes, infatuation, jealousy, etc.

Advanced Hacks: Sci-fi, Fantasy

Author Comments

Who doesn’t love travelling? Some studies show that planning a trip makes you just as happy as actually taking that trip. Maybe reflecting on a great imaginary trip has the same effect?

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