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Secret Identity • 2017 rpg

Graeme Wanhella • no link

Being superheroes Disrupts your lives, played with a deck of cards. Before starting decide how many “weeks” to play. One round, one week.

Draw a random card from each suit as your character’s “Stats”. The suits represent four major Categories. Face cards=10, Ace=11.


Happiness increases from 0-10, starting at 4.

Once/Round you may Spend 1 Happiness to draw a replacement Stat card for any category/character, even Empty. Spend again to add the Draw to the Stat instead of replacing it.

Each Round, draw a card for the Disruption (sneaking out, hiding bruises, sudden battle, etc.) and compare against Stat. 

Underperform: When your Stat < Draw, “Threaten” the Stat by turning its card sideways and discard the Draw. Lose one Happiness. You still use this card. 

Empty: Underperforming with a threatened Stat instead leaves the Stat Empty until replaced. Lose 3 Happiness. Comparing against Empty Stats reduces happiness by 1 instead.

Overcome: When your Stat > Draw, replace Stat with Draw, gain one Happiness. For every difference of 5 gain one more. It doesn’t matter if your Stat was threatened when replaced.

(Recommended: representing Happiness with candy or the cards you overcome.)

Author Comments

Slice of life game inspired by projects like “14 Days” by Hannah Shaffer

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