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The labyrinthine library • 2017 rpg

Blindfishideas •

Scrabble tiles,  DM & 3-4 players

Players are the Arcanist’s assistants. Sent into the labyrinthine library to find a lost spell scroll. The DM makes up a series of challenges. 

Character creation
Characters have 2 HP. Take 2 scrabble tiles. The Letters are your Initials. Make up your names.  The numbers give you 2 abilities from list below.  
1 = +1HP
2 = nimble
3 = goodshot 
4 = brawler 
5 = small animal companion (cat/owl/ferret etc)
8 = academic
10 = 1 (DM approved) spell
0 your choice

Challenges are resolved by players pulling scrabble tiles. If player justifies using ability, pick 2 & return 1. Players keep used tiles.

Vowels = success
Consonant = failure 
& If 
B bookshelves change their layout 
C cursed tome opens
D find drinks trolley 
F fairytale comes to life
G goblin book thief attacks
M meet forgotten previous apprentice
P poisonous bookmold
T trap!
Y learn something helpful

DM decides if a failure means characters lose 1HP, face additional challenges or simply fail to progress. 

DM draws a tile to represent NPC attacks. All NPC have 1HP. Successful attacks by players & NPCs remove 1HP. 

DM wraps up when all tiles used. Surviving characters use collected tiles to create the spell words.

Author Comments

I’m planning an writing an expanded version of this in the future which will be found at

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