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Crazy Greedy Hitler Puppet • 2017 rpg

Dan Maruschak • www.danmaruschak.com

Astonishingly, a crazy, greedy Hitler puppet has been elected leader of your country. He's a Muppets-style puppet, but like Hitler, with the mustache, ideology, etc. He's crazy, even a layperson can diagnose that he's not quite right in the head. He's greedy, he is to money what Cookie Monster is to cookies. And he's a puppet, which means he's manipulated by a puppeteer and has no genuine thoughts or beliefs of his own.

You're national-level politicians. On your turn, introduce yourself and your Perfectly Reasonable Proposal. Have a group discussion to determine why the leader opposes this, because he's crazy, greedy, Hitler, or a puppet. However! In this discussion only the words “crazy”, “greedy”, “Hitler”, and “puppet” are allowed. (Try talking louder if people aren't agreeing with you). If you can't agree within one minute randomly determine one of the four aspects.

The chosen aspect informs roleplaying out one or more brief scenes about how your proposal is either crushed or enacted in monstrous form (other players can play NPCs).

Go around the table twice, creating a new Perfectly Reasonable Proposal each turn. If you died, were imprisoned, or were otherwise incapacitated create a new character for your second round.

Author Comments

Some people were skeptical that a puppet crafted in the likeness of a dead foreign leader was eligible for the office, but the lawyers mounting the Constitutional law case against him all died in a fire in a crowded, overpriced theater where they were watching Lena Dunham do an interpretive dance in front of a screen showing archival footage of the Reichstag. Being dead, they couldn’t file their motions in a timely manner, so they lost the case by default.

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