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The Hero's Last Stand • 2017 rpg

Michael Blatherwick •

Your party is under attack.
Will you be a hero? Even if it means dying?

Give your character an Essence: a defining trait or proficiency.

The GM sets the scene and everybody discusses possible actions. Each round, one or more players describe and take actions.

The GM assigns each action a difficulty from 3 to 6 and chooses its alignment:

                - Recklessness   |   + Recklessness
     + Valour        Victor      |        Hero
     - Valour       Survivor     |       Victim

Your alignment (if any) is determined by your Recklessness and Valour points, which start at zero.

Modify the action’s difficulty:
  Same alignment as you: -1
  Opposite alignment: +1
  Essence helps: -1
  Essence hinders: +1

Success is D8 >= difficulty.

Adjust your Recklessness and Valour by +1 or -1, according to your action’s alignment.
Gain a Lost token if your Recklessness increased.
Gain a Victory token if your Valour increased and your action succeeded.
Gain a Lost token if you rolled a 1.

The GM describes the outcome of each action, then introduces the next round.

If you have at least 3 Lost tokens, you die next action.

The game ends if:
  The party (including dead players) has at least [2 * party size] Victory tokens
  Everyone is dead
  All hope is lost

Author Comments

Thanks to Odward Frenry and the rest of the Crate & Crowbar #tabletalk channel for all their great advice and encouragement.

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