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The Trial • 2017 rpg

Isaiah Stankowski • no link

Someone must have slandered you, for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, you were arrested.

Select one player to be the Accused. The Accused is not entitled to know their crime and must struggle to preserve their dignity. Remaining players are Accusers who oppose or support the Accused by playing their family and friends, and members of the oppressive court system.

Starting Coins:
Accused- 5*Players
Accuser- 5
Bank- 5

The Bank is hidden to the Accused but accessible to Accusers. Accusers may steal from the Bank. If the Accused correctly announces the theft, they receive the stolen coins. If the accusation is false, the Accused pays one coin to the Bank.

Take turns framing scenes from the Accused's life, beginning with the arrest. If a scene ends favourably for a character, their player may gift the Judge, a non-player entity, up to three coins. If disagreements arise, simultaneously bid coins. Highest wins narrative control, but must yield their bid to the Bank. Losing players may pay their bid to negotiate details of the scene. When all players are without coins, the Trial begins. The player who gifted the most coins to the Judge narrates the Trial's outcome.

Author Comments

This game was inspired by Franz Kafka’s The Trial. Thank you to my friends for their help, and to all who made this challenge possible.

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