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Crazy Conversation • 2017 rpg

Robert Stohler • MrsKrakenPresents.com

Players take turns trying to get another player to say specific words in a specific time or go crazy.
First player is player with the oldest phone then proceeds clockwise.
Active player rolls a D6 to determine how many words player to the left must say.
Player to the right determines the words in the conversation by writing them down and handing to active player. (words in English Dictionary)
Active player has two minutes to produce results with either questions or statements to illicit desired response from the player to his left. (player to the right is deciding judge and keeps count)
If successful, players not involved in the conversation lose XD6 collectively from sanity, where X represents the number of words originally assigned, with active player assigning dice as they see fit, where total number of dice assigned equals X.
If unsuccessful, active player loses XD6 from sanity, where X equals the number of words originally assigned.
Starting sanity is based on desired times of game. Once a player is insane, still in the game but has developed OCD and must hear every word three times.  Last player with sanity left is the winner.  

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