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Ace of Spades • 2017 rpg

Matt Thrower •

3+ players choose one to be GM and make a 13 playing card deck from all the Spades. “Reshuffle” means to shuffle cards and discards together into a new deck.

The GM starts describing a dangerous situation. Other players should say who their character is and pick something they're good at. They want to escape the situation, alive.

To complete a non-trivial task GM picks a difficulty up to 10 and player draws a card. If the task is what they’re good at, add 2 to the value. If it's higher, they succeed. If it's a court card they succeed and narrate the results themselves. If it's the ace, their character dies, then reshuffle. 

After a draw, the card goes into the discard pile and the next card is handed, face down, to the GM. These cards form a separate GM deck. If it's the ace they give it back and reshuffle.

Once one player is left, both they and the GM reshuffle their decks. Now on each action, both draw. If the player draws higher, they overcome the situation and survive. If they draw an ace before that happens, they die in the struggle.

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