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Tales from the Wild West • 2017 rpg

Mark Durrheim • no link

A group of adventurers sit around a table in a smoky saloon in the wild west. There is cheering and laughter as they exchange stories of their amazing exploits.

Spin a bottle to see who starts the first story cycle. They must describe an adventure of theirs. They must describe where they were, what was at stake, what obstacle stood in their way, and what resources they had to work with, and finally how they and saved the day.

Each other player then takes a turn to shout "That's nothing!" and describe a time when they were in a similar situation. Their tale must sound more amazing than that of the player before them. They can either increase the stakes, add or enlarge an obstacle, have less resources, do it with mores style, or all of that at once!

Once all players have embellished the tale the first player enhances it one more time and shouts "Don't believe me? Watch this!".

They draw their nerf gun and shoot three targets across the room. If they miss they should be playfully mocked. If they hit they should be cheered as hero.

Each player takes a turn starting a story cycle.

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