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The Perfect Moment is Now • 2017 rpg

Harry Smith • no link

Required: Deck of Cards

Something is always messing with the time stream.  If it’s not scientists in strange contraptions, it’s teenage wizards with wyrd watches.

You are Time Wardens.  Devoted to maintaining the "correct" order of History. It’s your job to untangle time paradoxes.

Situation: Someone has interfered with History. 

Objective: Resolve the temporal interference.

Character creation: Assign 3, 5, 7, 9 uniquely to each attribute:

Hearts: Social.

Diamonds: Mind. 

Clubs: Strength.

Spades: Speed. 

Session start: Deal 5 cards face-up. This represents the next 5 Actions that should occur.

If a character wants to attempt an action that might fail, they must spend a face up card. If it can’t fail they succeed without spending a card.

After spending a card, discard and replace it.

Players must spend cards from left to right. Players can spend a card out of order, if they discard all face up cards.

The action fully succeeds if
the spent card’s suit matches the appropriate attribute 
and the number on the card is less than the skill rating. 
Partial success if only the first is true.

There is no turn order.

When the deck runs out the GM narrates whether History was maintained.

Author Comments

This game was inspired by Terry Pratchett’s History Monks from the Discworld series of books.

Thanks to /u/NBQuetzal and /u/ProfaneSlug from /r/rpgdesign for various helpful suggestions.

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