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The Tribe • 2017 rpg

Oli Jeffery •

A game for a GM and 4-6 players who play members of a stone-age tribe, hunting, finding shelter, and fending off attacks from rival tribes. 

All in-character dialogue must be spoken in the tribe's Tongue. Write a syllable on an index card each. All words in the Tongue must be formed from these syllables. 

To define a new word in the Tongue, declare the word in English. Roll. 
1-2: You fail to communicate. Nobody may attempt to define that word again.
3+: Pick a number of the syllables equal to at least its  English syllables to form the new word, and write it on an index card. Everyone can now use it.
5+: Also define a new syllable.

When you attempt something new, e.g. making a spear, or creeping up on a wolf, roll.

1: this action is Taboo. You fail and nobody may attempt it again.
2-5: only you may attempt this action. 
6: all the Tribe may attempt this action.

To attempt a defined action, roll.

1-2: You fail. The GM will describe what complication arises.
3-5: you succeed, but the GM will describe a compilation or hard choice.
6: you succeed.

Author Comments

Inspired by Nanoworld and Questlandia

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