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The world is ending • 2017 rpg

Pablo López •

The world as we know it is ending. Nobody knows why, but some destruction signals like earthquakes and plagues are happenings.

Playing N persons, each player writes on paper N-1 apocalyptic disasters (e.g. plague) and a list with N+1 resources for surviving (e.g. packed food). Additionally, each player writes on paper a root cause for the end of the world (military virus, drought, etc.).

One by one, each player chooses one apocalyptic disaster on his paper and narrates it to one of the other players (trying to assign one disaster to each player along the game). Then, the chosen player must narrate how he survives the disaster using the resources in his paper. If he need an additional resource he can talk and negotiate with other player to exchange one resource by another. If the player is not able to overcome the disaster he must give one of the resources to the player that narrated the disaster.

When all the disasters have been narrated, the player with more resources (survived more times) wins and narrates how he discovers the root cause of the apocalypses (the cause he wrote) and how he stops it (or not).

Author Comments

I really love pre or post apocalyptic inspired games. They give you the chance to see everyday things from a different point of view. The game can be played adjusting the amount of resources or events by player for large parties. Another variant could be eliminating a player after failing an event (some kind of King of the hill)

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