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River, Typhoon, Coursing River • 2017 rpg

Jim Engstrand • no link

You are a travelling warrior.

You are searching for something. What?

People describe you like an element. Which?

You have trained in a style. Which?

When you face opposition in your actions, you both roll six-sided dice, one each. Highest roll gets their will across. On tie the player wins. A helpful element or style gives you one extra die. A cool description of your action gives the player one extra die. Help or equipment lets you reroll one die. The more higher dice than the opponent, the better.

You may also spend Energy to gain extra dice. A player starts with 3 Energy and the Journeymaster starts with 12. Spent Energy goes to the opposition. You lose energy for every step you lose a trial. When you lose a trial with no energy left your journey ends.

The Journeymaster can spend on Energy to create an opponent or a trial harder than one die. Defeated opponents Energy returns to the Journeymaster unless given to a player. Opponents can only use their own Energy

When the Journeymaster has no Energy left the remaining Warriors find what they were searching for and their story ends.

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