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The Filigree Prince • 2017 rpg

Ray • no link

Players: 4-5
Roles: secret advisor (1), lovers (3-4)
The Filigree Prince arrives home after a long day of tense administrative negotiations and their lovers have come to help them unwind. You are the Prince's secret advisor.
Begin the game by introducing the Prince. Describe their palace, and their appearance. Inspire the players. Give them luxurious sensual descriptions to play off of. In addition to visuals, think about scents, textures, and sounds.
Ask each player to picture their characters. Describe a quality of the Prince that makes them feel one of the following: protective, curious, grateful, enchanted, admiring.
Each turn:
- Describe a location in the palace
- Determine the order of players (mix it up)
- Player take turns describing a gift for the Prince, material or experiential, based on the location. It must "rhyme" with the previous gift in some way. Listen for an experience you can build on, or an aesthetic choice you can borrow.
- Find one thing you like about each player's description and share it.
Players may ask the secret advisor for a tip once per turn, and receive a creative prompt in the form of a word. Play until satisfied

Author Comments

This is a relaxing game about tantalizing one another with positive visualizations. If we have trouble thinking of nice things for ourselves, it can be easier to think of nice things for someone else. Warm thanks to Jax and Emi for all their support.

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