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Let Me Live • 2017 rpg

Bigyo' •

Let Me Live
You will need at least four players. One of you is The Judge.

Something terrible happened.
You don't know what it is, but now, all together you seems stuck in this small white room.
In front of you, there is this human being, he's not like you. He's wearing a badge where you can see his name : The Judge.

The judge is asking you : who are you and why should I let you come back down there ?
Every one of you has to answer his question. 
When it's done, he continue : There's only one of you I can bring back to life. Show me one of your memory so I can tell if you deserve to live again.
Every one of you has to do as he told.
When it's done, The Judge decide. Everyone win except one of you.

Rules : 
Choose randomly the first to speak and then play turns clockwise. 
You cannot use the same elements in your stories than the other people speaking before you. If you do, the Judge will notice it and it will play against you when he will take his final decision.

Purpose : to think about what matters in life.

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