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Unanimous • 2017 rpg

BornToDoStuff • no link

Unanimous is played with 4 or more people. One person is The Overseer, and everyone else is a Survivor.

At the start of the game The Overseer describes The Situation, taking suggestions as desired. Pick something that is perilous but survivable.
Next is the Survivors’ turn. One at a time each Survivor flips a coin. Heads is hope, tails is tragedy.
Hope: describe how you find something important and how it helps.
Tragedy: describe another aspect of The Situation and how you try to fix it.

After they describe their contribution to The Situation the others vote. If they think the contribution was helpful to surviving they raise their hand. The Overseer may also vote.
Voting Survivors are unanimous: Success
Votes at least equal to voting Survivors: Success
Votes less than voting Survivors: Fail

After all Survivors have taken a challenge The Overseer continues to describe The Situation, and the challenges begin again.

If a Survivor fails three challenges they are dead and they are longer counted while voting, though their actions while alive still affect the group

To survive The Situation the group must have a number of successes equal to twice the number of living Survivors.

Author Comments

The Overseer can add a lot to a game by adding other small rules, such as requiring simultaneous voting, deciding if a tragedy isn’t dramatic enough and asking for more, or adding additional flavor to pressure a group and create points of interest for their stories. Telling a short story of how a Survivor dies can change where the game goes.

Optional rule: Make a deck of cards with at least as many cards as Survivors and choose one card for every three Survivors to be a Traitor card. Shuffle the deck and give each player a card to randomly determine Traitor(s). Find a way to let the Traitors know each other without anyone else knowing or let them try to figure it out themselves during the game. If the deck has more cards than Survivors there is a small chance there are no Traitor(s). Traitors win if there are more Traitors than Survivors.

Thanks to Pancake for the proof reading and suggestions on the final draft :)

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