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Exceptional Bodies for Exceptional Hosts • 2017 rpg

Alex Fricke • no link

Brilliant night sky; stars twinkling; systems bustling; cultures clashing; peoples expanding, exploring.

A thousand thousand worlds; a thousand jungles; a thousand seas. Life everywhere.
Ah, the inspiration!

Where are we? The largest menagerie in the galaxy, of course! So many creatures! From so far, so wide!
Ah, the inspiration!

Why are we here? For the sampling. For new ideas. 
To get the creative juices flowing!
Ah, the inspiration!

What creature did you find? Where is it from? 
How is it beautiful? What can it do? How is it dangerous!? 

Find another creature. Hmm, one more for good measure. How are they amazing? 
Now splice!

Don’t you just love Skellik’s work, black bioengineer extraordinaire that he is?
Describe for us his creation. Your creation. 


Where will you wear it? What will you do there? 
For work? For pleasure? Maybe both?
What kind of dastardly deeds might you be up to today?
Hmm, yes!

What quirks have you discovered? What eccentricities have you enjoyed? Tastes, smells; impulses, instincts. 
Have they caused you trouble, or just more fun?

Ah! The pleasure! The senses, excited! 

But how quickly they dull... Once again, evermore.
What to do...but start anew!

Author Comments

—Inspiration: Post-human bizarreness

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