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Hire Your Boss • 2017 rpg

Bigyo' • https://bigyojdr.blogspot.fr

Hire Your Boss

What if employees have to hire their boss with their companies ?

All the players are the employees except one who is the boss.
It's an interview but the future workers are those who ask the questions.
At the end they decide if they agree to work for the boss and his company.

Rules step-by-step :
- Everyone (boss included) writes on pieces of paper some details about the company.
Those details are sorted in five categories concerning the company :
The field - The wealth - The management - The ambition - The personality of the boss 
- The boss draw one piece of paper in each category : he has 2 minutes to think about his company and his personality.
- The employees starts the interview. Why should they work for this boss ?
- One question per employee. Three turns maximum.
- The workers has 2 minutes to decide if they will work or not for this boss and why.

You can start again with another player as the boss.
Purpose : have some fun in this interverted rules revenge game !  

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