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K's Massive Combat rules • 2017 rpg

kalaeth • no link

Players have factions of size X, setting defined (optional: player char/social/int bonus is added to faction rolls).
Factions are groups of units, represented by a dice showing their size. 
Players set units (GM may allow players to pick unit sizes or distribute himself, only one unit can be in each square) on a checkered board (GM may set special terrains).

For each faction:
   For each unit:
-  move (up to 2 squares) ;
-  attack (if a enemy unit is on an adjacent square) or 
-  redistribute (or merge) troops if two units in the same faction meet.

roll 1d10 + size + bonus vs 1d10 + size + bonus of opposed unit.
subtract difference from loser side’s size.
Units with size 0 is removed from the board. Last faction standing wins.

terrain (forest: +2 to defenders,swamp: -1 speed,road: +1 speed, mountain : +2 to attackers, etc)
banners (+1 to rolls of controller, represented by coins under the unit)
flanking (units also adjacent to defending unit give +(size/2) bonus)
General, belongs to a unit and adds +2 bonus, can switch unit. killing his unit rewards a +1 banner (optional).
Last man (unit with size 1 has +2 bonus)

Author Comments

KMC is a set of rules for any kind of massive combate.

You can add more special bonuses (like weapons, moral, etc). If you are playing in a campaign and wish to use this rules, use the chars either as generals (with the general rules, adding +cha/social/int to that unit instead of +2) or as faction leaders (Adding rolls to entire faction).

For space battles, you can have a d100 representing a mothership that releases smaller d4 sized ships (and alter the terrains to ‘asteroid field’, ‘near a blackhole’ etc), for instance.

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