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Monstrositea • 2017 rpg

Casey Johnson • http://geostatonary.tumblr.com/

You are a terrible and refined monster. This means you are monstrous in deed and aspect, but also attend tea parties.
Come up with a good name and title(s), along with three signature monstrous traits. Write them on a placecard and put it in front of you while playing.

This is to be played around a table with a cake or other suitable dish. Play begins when you slice the cake and ends when the group finishes with it. Other refreshments may be served, but do not keep time. For an alternate experience, play with a large pitcher of drink on a porch.

During tea, you have five basic moves that may be combined however you wish:
>Boast of your terrifying deeds
>Complicate the boasting of others with dramatic twists
>Smalltalk about the minutiae of your monstrous life
>Gossip about your friends and enemies
>Verbalize any monstrous actions taken that you, the player, cannot physically take

Once play ends, vote as a group on who was the Most Charming and who was the Most Terrible. In cases of ties, players share in these honors. 

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