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Kaiju Glory: a narrative citystomp • 2017 rpg

Scott Slater • @ninthcircle

Bocce Balls
Open Space
Kaiju Cosplay
Play begins: The Kaiju team throws the Pallino, and declares the Building that it represents.
The City team Places a ball no closer than three steps to the Pallino and narrates how they’re defending the Building.
The Kaiju narrates their plan to destroy the defenses, and throws a ball.
If it lands closer to the Pallino than the City's ball, his attack is successful. Further away, the City narrates how the defenses held the Kaiju back. If it is too close to tell, approach the play area, and measure it out with stompy feet, in the Kaiju style.
Whichever team is NOT closest to the Pallino narrates a reaction, throwing a ball. If this ball becomes the new closest, they’re successful, otherwise, they continue to throw until they’re out of balls. When they’re successful, play switches to the other team.
Once all the balls are thrown, whoever has the ball closest to the Pallino describes the saving or the destruction of the Building. Players become whatever team they weren’t on before, and a new round begins. After 4 rounds, the Kaiju returns to the ocean, and the city is quiet, UNTIL NEXT TIME… 

Author Comments

Thanks to Zane, Heather, Mike, and Jeff for editing and play suggestions!

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