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VOICE • 2017 rpg finalist

Nick S • no link


Start with several stones. These are gifts.
Gods gather, with complete control over It. Nothing else.
Gods will give gifts to It.

One of you plays It. Close your eyes, for It cannot see. The Gods have not gifted It SIGHT. But the Gods might. 

The rest are Gods.

A God gives a gift. The first gift must be VOICE or SOUND. Give It a stone.

-VOICE: What does It say? No one will answer It. It is alone. (It may speak; the Gods may not.)
-SOUND: What does It hear? It cannot answer. (The Gods may speak; It may not.)

Give more gifts; explore these gifts. Use logic: if the Gods gift TOUCH, It may feel. What does It feel? A network of sensors? One organic body?

Remember, It describes what It experiences, not the Gods. The Gods only discuss with It (given VOICE + SOUND). Compare themselves to It. The Gods may only explore their world through their gifts to It.

Do the Gods gift It:
-IDENTITY? It becomes Them.
-LOVE? Does It love the Gods?
-SIGHT? What does It see? Monsters? Machines? Mortals?

The Gods can gift It anything.

Play until all gifts are given.

Author Comments

Thank you Laura for editing and ideas. Thanks Alex, Justin and Corinne for the words of encouragement.

Judge Comments

This game is a really excellent observation on objectification and the “gift” of speech and being seen as a person by those with more power and privilege. I love the conversation it’s having, and I think it’s an interesting and important way to understand how it feels to be powerless and voiceless and unheard until someone gives you permission to experience and speak and have conversations with those in power. The mechanic is simple, but powerfully effective in demonstrating who has the power and who doesn’t. - Kate Bullock

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