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Word Wizards • 2017 rpg

Frankie Garza •

One player is the Word Master, the rest are Word Wizards.
The Word Master will open ten random Wikipedia articles and create an adventure based on them.
Word Masters, don't feel restrained by the articles, they're your tools, some work well as settings, characters and items. Others serve to guide the tone and mood.
The Word Wizards open three Wikipedia articles each, these are your Magic Words. Use them to overcome obstacles that the Word Master presents to you.
If none of your Magic Words would be of use you can Word Dive by clicking on any linked Wikipedia article on your current words. 
Once you click, that is your new Magic Word and cannot go back, unless your current article has a link to a previous Word and you Word Dive again.
Every time you Word Dive you revive Word Drain. Mark it down. If you hit 10 Word Drain points you lose your Word Magic. 
The Word Master can also Word Dive, but doing so clears one point of Word Drain from all Word Wizards.
Conflict is resolved by each player opening up one random Wikipedia article, whichever title is higher in the alphabet wins the conflict.

Author Comments

Thanks to Rowan, Taylor and Amy for the help!

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