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As the Crow Flies • 2017 rpg

M. Quintanilla • no link

The Crows have offered absolution; secrets for salvation.

To play you’ll need a...
...trusted consort
...small coffer and key to roam and wander

One of you must bear the Coffer, the other the Key. Begin by placing a secret into the Coffer, one each.

Secrets are…
*Known only by you
*Devastating if revealed
*Intimately connected to a Nexus
*Written on scraps of paper

When you bear the Key, keep it safe.

When you bear the Coffer, spend your days walking through the City alone as if you did not carry such dark secrets. Follow the crows to the places they gather, search for the things which have fallen through the cracks; something, anything that reminds you of one of your Secrets. This is your Nexus. 

Now find your consort, place your Nexus and its corresponding Secret into the Coffer, and choose 1:
*Unburden Yourself
*Make your Offering

When you unburden yourself, exchange the Coffer for the Key and all related duties.

When you make your offering, travel together. Your destination must be:
*Far from Home
*Watched Over by Crows

When you reach your destination, open the Coffer. Leave. Hope against all hope that they find your offering worthwhile.

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