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Monster Slayer Academy • 2017 rpg

Lucas Wilga •

You are about to graduate from Monster Slayer Academy. Your final exam: slay a monster. Before you depart, you must prepare. Convince teachers and fellow students to give you gear that increases your dice. Brew life-saving potions while you can. Then, you must track the beast through the wild while talking to its surviving victims, fending off bandits, and solving smaller problems along the way. Finally, your search culminates in a climactic encounter with the beast.

You roll xd6 and count successes. A success is a roll higher than three.
Task Difficulty	Successes Required
Easy			1
Moderate		2
Challenging		3
Difficult			4

x=your grade in one of four classes.
Grade		Amount of Dice
A			5
B			4
C			3
D			2

Assign A, B, C, and D to your classes.
-Monster Fighting: Fight monsters (and people.) Each fighter rolls. Compare successes. The loser receives the difference in injury.
-Monster Tracking: Track and avoid detection.
-Monster Taming: Befriend certain monsters, including people.
-Potions Brewing: Create potions that temporarily increase dice or heal injury. A dice increase of one is an easy task, an injury of one is an easy task to heal, and so on.

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