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Rule of 3 Digits • 2017 rpg

Eric M. Paquette •

Write your character concept.
Roll 3d10 to generate the 3 digits for your character.
Think of a name, write it, and you are ready to go!

The game begins with your 3 digits being unlocked
The GM describes the environment.
You describe what you are doing.
The GM will give you a binary choice and you make a decision.
Some decisions will require a check.
If a check is required, choose one of your unlocked digits. A digit value of 0 counts as a 10. 
If all digits are locked then the result is 1.
If your character concept would help then add +2 to the result.
Digits can be added together as long as the final total doesn’t exceed 10.
Reveal your result and the GM will describe the outcome.
Digits just used become locked and unusable for the next check, and any previously locked digits are unlocked.
When making a check, a value of 1 to 5 is a failure and a 6 to 10 is a success.
It takes two failures to lead to death.
Outcomes can include rewards.
Rewards are worth a +3 to checks if applicable to the situation.

Author Comments

I thank Brenda Samler for editing my text and being a great help.

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