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A Fistful of Dust • 2017 rpg

Ryan •

Law forgot this place when the glimmer-mines ran dry. The unquiet-dead haunt the mountains now. Ghost-Towns. There are bandits too, deserters from the civil-wars back East. I guess they used to call you a Knight. You also used to be dead. Now you’re just drifting.

What’s your name?
What marks you as Undead?

Rank, from 1-4: 

Throw that many coins in a conflict. 
Throw an extra coin if you have an advantage.

If you throw all Heads, throw another coin. Keep on like this until you throw a Tails, or get 4 Heads. 

4 Heads is a flawless success. 0 Heads is complete, utter failure. In between lie part-successes, difficult choices, hard bargains.

You can re-throw by ticking off one of the following, and saying how it helps:

-Concealed Artefact
-Unwitting Accomplice
-The Landscape

When you tick the last option, the scene ends with your death (again).

Choose 1 of the following Wytcheries that you can use whenever. Fill in the blanks.

-I can see the [______] in every [______].
-I can change [______] to [______], and back.
-I can produce a [______] from thin air. 
-I always know [______].
-My dreams say [______].

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