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Double-O-Eleven: Casino Vocale • 2017 rpg

Kevin Damen •

Players are Superspies. One player is a Villain.

Character Creation: choose Vocal Traits, such as:

annoying – gravelly – high-pitched – hoarse

A player is “In Voice” when the player speaks using these Vocal Traits. Anything else and the player is “Out of Voice” which ends their turn! All players receive ten tokens. The Villain describes a trap in which each Superspy finds
themselves. The Villain tells them the Plan. The Villain speaks “In Voice” or hands the Superspy who caught them “Out of Voice” a token.

Play resumes clockwise (using timed turns of a minute) with Superspies and Villain describing their actions to foil or complete the Plan. When “In Voice” everything they do succeeds. Speaking “Out of Voice” ends a player’s turn, and they must give the Villain a token.

When a player leaves a room, their turn ends. The Villain can describe a setback during their turn.

The game ends if:

The Villain has no tokens (player who last caught the Villain
“Out of Voice” describes how they foil the plan)


The Superspies have no tokens (Villain describes their demise). A superspy that without tokens is dead and takes no turns (the Villain narrates).

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