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Muscle/brains/gut • 2017 rpg

Steven Vanderschaeve • no link

You're a small group of Neanderthals trying to survive. Hunting wooly mammoths, foraging the wilderness for edible plants, sickness and especially encounters with Homo Sapiens endanger your existence.

You have 3 options to tackle problems: muscle (rock), brains (paper) and gut (scissors).  Every action is decided by a game of muscle/brains/gut (rock/paper/scissors) between the player and the GM. Every tie makes the consequences of a win/loss bigger, possible consequences of a win or loss should be communicated beforehand by the GM. After at least 4 ties in a row the game ends when the player or the GM eventually wins the game of muscle/brains/gut. Consequences are total species loss or species domination, depending on who wins.

Muscle: solve problems with strength, fighting, ...
Brains: solve problems by thinking, smartness, ...
Gut: solve problems by a luck, quick reactions, …

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