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No... your friends • 2017 rpg

tobie abad •

While with friends, get a pen and write these down in a piece of paper:
Always lie (unless asked a question identifying you correctly)
Always tell the truth
Always talk about the person on your right
Always change the topic when someone drinks or eats something
Always yawn while someone is talking
Always shift the conversation back to you
Never look at the person talking to you
Always sip your drink the moment someone talks to you
Always talk about a recent show you’ve seen
Fold the tissues individually so what is written cannot be seen. 
If there are more people than the list, add more blank paper and fold them.
If there are less, randomly remove until there is enough for the group less one. Then add one blank folded empty one.
The game starts once everyone has a paper and knows their role. The persons with the blank sheets must try to identify what the others had on their sheets. 

You can come up with new options if you want. You can even have adult options if your group is comfy with that. 

 There are no losers here. The fact you are among friends means you’re all winners.

Author Comments

Dedicated to O bar, to my partner Rocky, and to our fabulous friends.

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