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Ladies Night - a game of supernatural romance • 2017 rpg

Katarzyna Kuczyńska • no link

You play a woman, who is (choose one or two): an exceptional mortal/vampire/werewolf/succubus/witch/zombie/demon/fae/other. Write down your Profession, Weakness and Supernatural Power. 

Other players’ characters are your allies (discuss your relations), you have to solve a mystery together. Supernaturals in the city are your enemies/assets.

Name your Lover: someone you are in love with/fascinated by/obsessed with. This can change later.

Whenever you resolve a conflict (physical, social or mental), roll 2d6. On a 9+ you succeed and catch somebody’s attention. On a 6-8 you succeed, but there is a complication/hard choice/somebody learns your weakness. On a 5- something bad happens and/or you draw unwanted attention. GM decides the outcome.

If your Lover is with you or your Profession is relevant, add +1 (for each) to roll. If your Weakness is relevant, add -1. 

You have 3 Energy. To use your Power, spend 1 Energy. To recharge, you need to: party hard/have sex/hurt someone close/consume something hard to acquire.

The GM makes:
- Lovers unique, fascinating, problematic
- characters wanted, special, important
- supernaturals hungry, unforgiving, attractive.

Together tell the story about romance, sex, mystery, politics and violence.

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